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April 21, 2008


Pete Roberts

I think you can draw comparisons between the 2 eras but if anything the roman one being more effective . Nowadays the military seems obsessed with suvive-ability and the roman troops were protected by a concave shield that when crounching probably protected their total frontage . Their helmet design was not copied until cromwells lobstertail helmets and to top it all they threw 2 pilums before engaging close up with their short thrusting sword . I think the legions of 200 b.c . till 200 a.d. would of defeated most medieval armies . Maybe the English longbowmen and foot infantry there greatest test . Gengis Khan tactics were nothing new as the parthians and latter the huns were very familiar .

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Well, now that we have the best technology in making shields, helmets and top of the line military gear, I have to say that the shield walls can still be applicable. This is for the reason that we can incorporate new material in making it. Thanks a lot for the info. There are a lot of interesting topics we can share especially during the Roman era. Keep it up.

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That was a great article. I have read the story and it made me impressed on how the story was delivered. This kind of quest could be an inspiring story to the readers.

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